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System.Activities.Presentation.PropertyEditing Namespace

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Provides classes related to property editing.

  Class Description
Public class CategoryEditor Provides a custom CategoryEditor to use for grouping properties that are displayed in a PropertyGrid.
Public class CategoryEntry Models a Category, which consists of a localized name and a collection of properties.
Public class DependencyPropertyValueSource Identifies and reports value sources for properties that are dependent upon a parent property.
Public class DialogPropertyValueEditor Container for all dialog-editing logic for PropertyEntry objects.
Public class EditModeSwitchButton Represents a button that enables the user to switch between the different PropertyContainer modes within the property grid .
Public class EditorOptionAttribute Specifies a single editor option attribute.
Public class EditorReuseAttribute Represents an attribute that is applied to a method that invokes a property editor and conveys whether the property editor can be used to edit successive properties without restarting.
Public class ExtendedPropertyValueEditor Container for all extended editor logic for properties.
Public class PropertyEntry Represents the data of a property for a selected item and enables editing of this property with type-specific data.
Public class PropertyEntryCollection Maintains the collection of sub-properties of a given parent PropertyEntry.
Public class PropertyFilter Provides filtering functionality for a property editing host.
Public class PropertyFilterAppliedEventArgs Event arguments that are used to execute an event process when a PropertyFilter has been applied to a target property.
Public class PropertyFilterPredicate Represents a predicate text string that is used to filter property searches.
Public class PropertyValue Maintains a data model for the value of a property in the property grid.
Public class PropertyValueCollection Encapsulates a collection of PropertyValue instances and is used for properties whose Type is a collection.
Public class PropertyValueEditor Establishes an inline editor for the updating of property values.
Public class PropertyValueEditorCommands Enables the use of standard commands to control the editing of property values.
Public class PropertyValueExceptionEventArgs Represents an object that contains event arguments for the occurrence of a PropertyValueException.
Public class PropertyValueSource Represents the origin of a property value.

  Interface Description
Public interface IPropertyFilterTarget Interface that is used by the host infrastructure for property editing to handle sorting and filtering functionality.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PropertyContainerEditMode Contains the different edit modes of a PropertyContainer.
Public enumeration PropertyValueExceptionSource Indicates the source of the exception thrown by a PropertyValue operation.
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