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System.Activities.Presentation.Metadata Namespace

Provides classes related to presentation metadata.

  Class Description
Public class ActivityArgumentHelper Provides additional functionalities regarding activity arguments.
Public class AttributeCallbackBuilder Provides access to add attributes for one specific type to one specific AttributeTable.
Public class AttributeTable The attribute table is a read-only collection of metadata attributes that are associated with specific types, members, and dependencies.
Public class AttributeTableBuilder Creates and populates an AttributeTable that is used by the MetadataStore to provide attribute lookup and registration.
Public class AttributeTableValidationException Provides the functionality to throw an exception from the ValidateTable method if the metadata provided in the table does not match properties, methods, and events on real types.
Public class MetadataStore An in-memory collection of hash tables that allows the rapid lookup of designer elements by Type.

  Interface Description
Public interface IRegisterMetadata Specifies a class that will add extra attributes to the metadata store.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate AttributeCallback Called when attributes are needed for a type.
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