This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DragDropHelper Class

Represents a helper class to assist dragging and dropping inside the Windows Workflow Designer.


Namespace:  System.Activities.Presentation
Assembly:  System.Activities.Presentation (in System.Activities.Presentation.dll)

public static class DragDropHelper

The DragDropHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAllowDropGets or sets a value that indicates whether the designer can accept data that the user drags onto it.
Public methodStatic memberDoDragMoveAllows a UI element to be dragged by a mouse with its left button down over an exposed area of the UI element’s client area.
Public methodStatic memberGetCompositeView(DragEventArgs)Retrieves the composite view information from the specified drag event arguments.
Public methodStatic memberGetCompositeView(WorkflowViewElement)Retrieves the composite view information from the specified workflow view element.
Public methodStatic memberGetDragDropAnchorPointRetrieves the anchor point for a drag-and-drop operation.
Public methodStatic memberGetDragDropCompletedEffectsReturns the outcome of the drag-and-drop operation whose behavior is determined by the specified DataObject.
Public methodStatic memberGetDraggedModelItemRetrieves the object that is being dragged in a drag-and-drop operation.
Public methodStatic memberGetDroppedObjectRetrieves the object that is being dropped in a drag-and-drop operation.
Public methodStatic memberSetCompositeViewIncorporates the specified user interface element into the current WorkflowViewElement.
Public methodStatic memberSetDragDropCompletedEffectsSets the final effect that is to be performed during the drag-and-drop operation.

Public fieldStatic memberCompletedEffectsFormatSpecifies the desired effects of the completion of a drag-and-drop operation.
Public fieldStatic memberCompositeViewFormatContains a unique data format name for a composite view.
Public fieldStatic memberDragAnchorPointFormatSpecifies the format for a drag operation anchor point.
Public fieldStatic memberDragSourcePropertySpecifies the drag source.
Public fieldStatic memberModelItemDataFormatSpecifies the format for model item data.
Public fieldStatic memberWorkflowItemTypeNameFormatSpecifies the format for the type name of a workflow item.

This class abstracts the encoding formats used in the DataObject that is passed from the drag source to the target.

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