This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Activities.Persistence Namespace

The System.Activities.Persistence namespace contains classes for capturing an object’s state independent of process or machine information.

Public classPersistenceIOParticipantA derived vclass of the PersistenceParticipant class with methods that perform input and output operations in addition to the persisting and loading of workflow instances through the persistence process.
Public classPersistenceParticipantThis class allows both WorkflowApplication and WorkflowServiceHost to participate in persistence process. A persistence participant derives from the PersistenceParticipant class or the PersistenceIOParticipant class (derived class of the PersistenceParticipant class), implements abstract methods, and then add an instance of the class as a workflow instance extension. The WorkflowApplication and WorkflowServiceHost look for such extensions when persisting an instance and invoke appropriate methods at appropriate times.