System.Activities.Debugger Namespace

The System.Activities.Debugger namespace contains classes that provide support for debugging of workflows in Visual Studio 2010.

Public classDebugInfoRepresents the debugging information.
Public classLocalsItemDescriptionRepresents the name and type of an early bound item that displays in the workflow debugger Locals window.
Public classSourceLocationIdentifies a specific location in a target source code file.
Public classSourceLocationProviderProvides SourceLocation information for the mapping of a root activity and its descendants to their corresponding source locations.
Public classStateMaintains property information that pinpoints source code locations that can serve as breakpoints or be stepped to by the interpreter.
Public classStateManagerManages the debugging of each activity that is mapped to a state by the debugging infrastructure.
Public classThreadWorkerControllerSupports the creation and execution of an auxiliary debugging thread, or island, on a dedicated worker thread. This type is a utility class used by the framework and is not intended for public use.
Public classVirtualStackFrameProvides a virtual call stack frame for the interpreter.
Public classXamlDebuggerXmlReaderProvides the functionality to parse XAML markup code into an object or tree of objects.

Public interfaceIDebuggableWorkflowTreeProvides an interface whose implementation enables the Workflow debugger to debug a serialized Workflow object.

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