We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Additional Resources for JScript Programmers

The following sites provide answers for common JScript programming issues.

JScript Native

Provides a forum for questions about JScript errors and issues, and future plans for the language.

JScript for the .NET Framework

Provides a forum for questions about the JScript language, the ECMAScript standard, the managed JScript compiler implementation, and future plans.

Client Side Web Development

Provides a forum for questions about client-side programming in ASP.NET, including JScript, CSS, and DHTML.

Technical Support Options for Visual Studio

Provides Web pages and telephone numbers for Microsoft Product Support Services.

Microsoft Discussion Groups

Provides a way to communicate with experts from around the world.

Microsoft ASP.NET

Provides articles, demonstrations, tool previews, and other information for Web development in JScript.

Microsoft Windows Script

Provides articles, samples, and other information of interest to JScript 5.8 developers.