This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Convert Java-Language Bytecode to MSIL Code

Visual Studio 2005

You can quickly convert many legacy Java applications to Visual J#. The Visual J# Binary Converter Tool (JbImp.exe) converts certain Java-language bytecode (.class) files to Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL). This command-line tool enables developers to convert most JDK 1.1.4-level libraries and application bytecode to MSIL assemblies. JbImp.exe also converts J/Direct code.


Use this tool only if the Java-language sources for the applications or libraries are not available. If Java-language sources are available, it is recommended that you use the Visual J# compiler (vjc.exe) instead.

For more information, see Visual J# Binary Converter Tool (for Java-Language Bytecode to MSIL Conversions).

To convert bytecode

  1. Open Visual Studio Command Prompt.

  2. To convert a single Java class to an EXE file, simply name the class. For example:

    jbimp /target:exe /out:myAssembly.exe myClass.class
  3. To convert a JAR, ZIP, or CAB archive containing classes, just name the archive file. For example:

    jbimp /target:exe /main:myMainClass /out:myAssembly.dll c:\myClass.jar

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