This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

General Reference for the .NET Framework

This section contains information about configuration elements, performance counters, and unmanaged APIs you can use in your .NET Framework applications.

For syntax, code examples, and usage information for .NET Framework managed types and members, see the class library.

ASP.NET Reference

Provides basic information about how best to configure your ASP.NET applications.

CodeDOM Quick Reference

Enables developers who use the Code Document Object Model (CodeDOM) to search for CodeDOM elements by type and function.

Configuration File Schema for the .NET Framework

Describes the configuration schema for the machine configuration file, application configuration files, and the security configuration file.

Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries

Provides guidelines for developing classes and components that extend the .NET Framework.

MSBuild Reference

Contains reference information for the build system for Visual Studio.

Performance Counters in the .NET Framework

Describes the counters that you can use to track the performance of an application.

Unmanaged API Reference

Describes the API elements that runtime hosts call from unmanaged code to configure and load the common language runtime into a process.

Additional Managed Reference Topics

Contains documentation for managed reference elements that are not documented in the .NET Framework Class Library.

Windows Communication Foundation Configuration Schema

Describes the configuration elements that help you configure Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service and client applications.

Windows Communication Foundation Directive Syntax

Describes the @ServiceHost directive, which defines page-specific attributes that are used by the .svc compiler.

Windows Workflow Foundation Configuration Schema

Describes workflow configuration elements.

XML Standards Reference

Provides reference information on XML standards that Microsoft supports.

.NET Framework Glossary Portal

Provides a list of terms and definitions commonly encountered in the .NET Framework programming model.

.NET Framework Class Library

Supplies syntax, code examples, and usage instructions for each class in the .NET Framework namespaces.

ClickOnce Reference

Describes the structure of the XML files used to represent ClickOnce applications.

Overview of the .NET Framework

Provides conceptual overviews of the key features of the .NET Framework, including the common language runtime, the .NET Framework class library, and cross-language interoperability.

.NET Framework Core Development

Discusses fundamental development tasks and techniques, including how to create, configure, debug, and deploy your .NET Framework application.

.NET Framework Advanced Development

Covers advanced programming topics such as add-ins and extensibility, administration and management, interoperability, reflection, remoting, serialization, and managed threading.

.NET Framework Samples

Provides links to the MSDN Code Gallery for sample applications that demonstrate .NET Framework technologies.

.NET Framework Tools

Describes the tools that help you develop, configure, and deploy applications by using .NET Framework technologies.