This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Called by the wizard to verify that the user can add an MFC class to the project.

function CanAddMFCClass( 



Selected project


The selected object. In this case, the current project.

true if the class can be added; false if the user calls the function for a project that is not an MFC project and does not have MFC support.

Called by the wizard to verify if the project is compatible with the Code Wizard that is about to be run (in other words, it can accept an MFC class).

The wizard calls this function when the parameter PREPROCESS_FUNCTION is in the project control's .vsz file and checks if the Visual C++ Code Model object is available. If the code model is not available, the function reports an error and returns false.

// Determine if an MFC class can be added to the project
if (CanAddMFCClass(selProj, selObj))
   return true;