Compiler Error C3854
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Compiler Error C3854

expression to left of '=' evaluates to a function. Cannot assign to a function (a function is not an l-value)

A reference cannot be reinitialized. Dereferencing a reference to a function yields a function, which is an rvalue, to which you cannot assign. Therefore, you cannot assign through a reference to a function.

The following sample generates C3854:

// C3854.cpp
int afunc(int i)
   return i;

typedef int (& rFunc_t)(int);
typedef int (* pFunc_t)(int);

int main()
   rFunc_t rf = afunc;   // OK binding a reference to function
   pFunc_t pf = &afunc;   // OK initializing a pointer to function
   *pf = &afunc;   // C3854
   // try the following line instead
   // pf = &afunc;
   *rf = &afunc;   // C3854
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