SqlInt64 Explicit Conversion Operators


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Converts to and from a SqlInt64.

Namespace:   System.Data.SqlTypes
Assembly:  System.Data (in System.Data.dll)

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlBoolean to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlBoolean parameter to SqlInt64.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlDecimal to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlDecimal parameter to SqlInt64.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlDouble to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlDouble structure to SqlInt64.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlInt64 to Int64)

Converts the SqlInt64 parameter to long.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlMoney to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlMoney parameter to SqlInt64.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlSingle to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlSingle parameter to SqlInt64.

System_CAPS_puboperatorSystem_CAPS_staticExplicit(SqlString to SqlInt64)

Converts the supplied SqlString parameter to SqlInt64.

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