DiscoveryDocument.Write Method (TextWriter)


Writes this DiscoveryDocument into the passed TextWriter.

Namespace:   System.Web.Services.Discovery
Assembly:  System.Web.Services (in System.Web.Services.dll)

public void Write(
	TextWriter writer


Type: System.IO.TextWriter

The TextWriter into which this DiscoveryDocument is written.

The following code example writes a discovery document into a XmlTextWriter.

// Create a DiscoveryDocument.
DiscoveryDocument myDiscoveryDocument = new DiscoveryDocument();

// Create an XmlTextReader with the sample file.
XmlTextReader myXmlTextReader = new
   XmlTextReader( "http://localhost/example_Write2_cs.disco" );

// Read the given XmlTextReader.
myDiscoveryDocument = DiscoveryDocument.Read( myXmlTextReader );

FileStream myFileStream = new
   FileStream( "log.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write );
StreamWriter myStreamWriter = new StreamWriter( myFileStream );

XmlTextWriter myXmlTextWriter = new XmlTextWriter( myStreamWriter );
myDiscoveryDocument.Write( myXmlTextWriter );


// Display the contents of the DiscoveryDocument on the console.
FileStream myFileStream1 = new
   FileStream( "log.txt", FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Read );
StreamReader myStreamReader = new StreamReader( myFileStream1 );

// Set the file pointer to the beginning.
myStreamReader.BaseStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
Console.WriteLine( "The contents of the DiscoveryDocument are:" );
while ( myStreamReader.Peek() > -1 )
   Console.WriteLine( myStreamReader.ReadLine() );

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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