SRSReportRun Class [AX 2012]

The SRSReportRun class is deprecated. Use the SrsReportRunController class to execute and print reports.

class SRSReportRun extends RunBaseBatch

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Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif addAOTQueriesFromDocument Searches the report definition language (RDL) document and adds QueryMetadata queries to the Map object.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif allowSaveLast (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif batchInfo Returns the BatchInfo class. This class is the API for the batch table. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif buildReportRdlParameterCtrls Determines whether the dialog box will display the SQL ServerReporting Services (SSRS) Report Parameters.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif cancelTimeOut Cancels a previous method call to the setTimeOut method. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif canGoBatch Returns false (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif canGoBatchJournal Determines whether the class is shown in the list of Journal types. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif canSwapBetweenCS Controls whether a calledFrom class that is instantiated on the server should have its prompt executed on the client. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif caption Retrieves the description from the current class by calling the static description method of the class if there is one. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif checkCloseDialog Must be called in the CloseOk method of a RunBase dialog box. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif cleanupDialog Provides a way to clean up after a dialog box has been canceled. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif copyQuery Makes a copy of a query.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif currentQuery Gets or sets the value of the currentQuery property.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif currentQueryKey Gets or sets the value of the currentQueryKey property.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif currentQueryRun Gets or sets the value of the currentQueryRun property.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialog Gets or sets the dialog property. (Overrides the dialog Method.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogClear Clears the contents of the dialog box. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogInit Initializes the dialog box. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogInternal (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogMake Obtains the dialog from a RunBase class. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogPost Executes after the dialog method has been called. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogPostInit Called right after the RunBase.dialogInit Method method. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogPostRun Makes sure that the methods of the dialog form controls are overloaded and that the specified object is the object to which the messages of the controls are sent. (Overrides the dialogPostRun Method.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogReInit Reinitializes the dialog box. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogSelectCtrl Provides the functionality that is needed when a dialog control is selected. (Overrides the dialogSelectCtrl Method.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogTask When using the Dialog Class class for dialog, this method is called from the task method in the dialog form. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogUpdate Updates the dialog, for example after reinitializing the query. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif dialogUpdateQuery Updates the query in the dialog box. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif displayReportWarnings Adds the warning messages that are created when a report is rendered to the infolog.
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif doBatch (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif equal Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current one. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif executeReport Executes the report using the current object properties.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getDictFieldFromFieldAlias Retrieves an instance of the DictField class by using a field alias.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getFieldAliasFromParameterName Attempts to retrieve an alias of a field of a table from a report parameter element in the report definition language (RDL) document by inspecting the parameter name.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getFieldAliasFromParameterValidValues Retrieves the alias of a field in a table from a report parameter element in the report definition language (RDL) document by inspecting the ValidValues XML element.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getFromDialog Assigns the dialog values to the internal variables. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getLast Gets the last choice stored in the last value table. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getParametersFromRdlDocument Builds a map of the SRSReportParameter objects that the report uses where: The key is a string value that contains parameter names and the value is a SRSReportParameter object.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getQueriesFromDocument Builds a map of the Microsoft Dynamics AX queries that a VS Reporting Tools for AX report uses.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getReportParameterDefaultValue Gets the default value for a report parameter.
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getReportParameterDictField Retrieves an instance of the DictField class from a report parameter element in the report definition language (RDL) document.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getRunBase (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getTimeOutTimerHandle Returns the timer handle for the object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg910152.privmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getXmlElementValue Gets a String value that represents an XmlElement objec.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif handle Retrieves the handle of the class of the object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg910152.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif inGetSaveLast Returns true when the GetLast or SaveLast method is executed. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif init Initializes the SRSReportRun object. (Overrides the init Method.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif initBatch (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif initParmDefault Initializes the internal variables. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif isInBatch Determines whether the RunBaseBatch is actually being run from a batch server. (Inherited from RunBaseBatch.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif isInitialized Gets the value of the isInitialized member.
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif isSwappingPrompt Checks if the program is currently swapping from server to client. (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif lastValueDataAreaId (Inherited from RunBase.)
Gg910152.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif lastValueDesignName (In