ReadLine Method (Windows Script Host)

Returns an entire line from an input stream.



StdIn text stream object.

The ReadLine method returns a string. The StdIn, StdOut, and StdErr properties and methods work when running the script with the CScript.exe host executable file only. An error is returned when run with WScript.exe. A line is a sequence of characters that ends with a newline character.

Note Note:

Although this method extracts the newline character, it does not add it to the string.

The following code demonstrates the use of the ReadLine method.

Dim StdIn, StdOut
Set StdIn = WScript.StdIn
Set StdOut = WScript.StdOut

Do While Not StdIn.AtEndOfStream
     str = StdIn.ReadLine
     StdOut.WriteLine "Line " & (StdIn.Line - 1) & ": " & str
var stdin = WScript.StdIn;
var stdout = WScript.StdOut;

while (!stdin.AtEndOfStream)
     var str = stdin.ReadLine();
     stdout.WriteLine("Line " + (stdin.Line - 1) + ": " + str);

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