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operator<< (<string>)

A template function that writes a string into the output stream.

template<class CharType, class Traits, class Allocator> 
   basic_ostream<CharType, Traits>& operator<<( 
      basic_ostream<CharType, Traits>& _Ostr, 
      const basic_string<CharType, Traits, Allocator>& _Str 


The output stream being written to.


The string to be entered into the output stream.

Writes the value of the specified string to the output stream _Ostr.

The template function overloads operator<< to insert an object _Str of template class basic_string into the stream _Ostr. The function effectively returns _Ostr.write( _Str.c_str, _Str.size).

Header: <string>

Namespace: std

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