This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CTypedPtrArray Class

Provides a type-safe "wrapper" for objects of class CPtrArray or CObArray.

template< class BASE_CLASS, class TYPE >
class CTypedPtrArray : public BASE_CLASS


Base class of the typed pointer array class; must be an array class (CObArray or CPtrArray).


Type of the elements stored in the base-class array.

When you use CTypedPtrArray rather than CPtrArray or CObArray, the C++ type-checking facility helps eliminate errors caused by mismatched pointer types.

In addition, the CTypedPtrArray wrapper performs much of the casting that would be required if you used CObArray or CPtrArray.

Because all CTypedPtrArray functions are inline, use of this template does not significantly affect the size or speed of your code.

For more information on using CTypedPtrArray, see the articles Collections and Template-Based Classes.

Header: afxtempl.h