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CComControl Class
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CComControl Class

This class provides methods for creating and managing ATL controls.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

template < 
class T, 
class WinBase= CWindowImpl< T>  
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CComControl : 
public CComControlBase, public WinBase;


The class implementing the control.


The base class that implements windowing functions. Defaults to CWindowImpl.




Retrieves a pointer to the requested interface.


Creates a window for the control.


Notifies the container's sink that a control property has changed.


Notifies the container's sink that a control property is about to change and that the object is asking the sink how to proceed.


Call this method to create, display, and operate a message box.

CComControl is a set of useful control helper functions and essential data members for ATL controls. When you create a standard control or a DHTML control using the ATL Control Wizard, the wizard will automatically derive your class from CComControl. CComControl derives most of its methods from CComControlBase.

For more information about creating a control, see the ATL Tutorial. For more information about the ATL Project Wizard, see the article Creating an ATL Project.

For a demonstration of CComControl methods and data members, see the CIRC sample.

Header: atlctl.h

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