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CComControl Class

This class provides methods for creating and managing ATL controls.

template <
   class T,
   class WinBase = CWindowImpl< T > 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CComControl :
   public CComControlBase, public WinBase;


The class implementing the control.
The base class that implements windowing functions. Defaults to CWindowImpl.


CComControl is a set of useful control helper functions and essential data members for ATL controls. When you create a standard control or a DHTML control using the ATL Control Wizard, the wizard will automatically derive your class from CComControl. CComControl derives most of its methods from CComControlBase.

For more information about creating a control, see the ATL Tutorial. For more information about the ATL Project Wizard, see the article Creating an ATL Project.

For a demonstration of CComControl methods and data members, see the CIRC sample.


Header: atlctl.h

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