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Record Views

Note   This section applies only to the MFC ODBC and DAO classes. For information on OLE DB record views, see COleDBRecordView and Using OLE DB Record Views.

To support form-based data-access applications, the class library provides class CRecordView and class CDaoRecordView. A "record view" is a form view object whose controls are mapped directly to the field data members of a recordset object (and indirectly to the corresponding columns in a query result or table on the data source). Like their base class CFormView, CRecordView and CDaoRecordView are based on a dialog template resource.

Form Uses

Forms are useful for a variety of data-access tasks:

  • Entering data.
  • Performing read-only examination of data.
  • Updating data.

Further Reading About Record Views

The material in this group of articles applies to both the ODBC-based and the DAO-based classes. Use CRecordView for ODBC and CDaoRecordView for DAO.

Topics covered in this article include:

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