Using the Visual C# Express IDE

Visual C# Express Edition includes a powerful development environment that speeds up code entry, checks your programming as you go, and provides hundreds of special features designed to make development easier and more accurate. Everything from managing projects to debugging and sharing your application is explained in this section.

Introducing the Visual C# Express Development Environment

Presents an introduction to the many windows and editors that make up the Visual C# Express Edition.

Managing Projects

Introduces the files that make up a Visual C# Express project, and the settings that you can apply to a project.

How to: Create a New Visual C# Express Application

Describes the default project types offered by Visual C# Express Edition.

Editing Code in Visual C# Express

Describes how to make the most of the Visual C# Express Edition Code Editor.

How to: Navigate and Search in Visual C# Express

Provides tips for finding your way around source code.

How to: Build and Execute Your Visual C# Application

Describes how to run your application.

Adding and Editing Resources

Describes how to add, edit, compile, and access resources in a Visual C# Express Edition project.

How to: Deploy Your Visual C# Express Application

Provides information about sharing your finished application.

How to: Debug Your Visual C# Express Application

Describes how to use the debugger to find and fix errors.

Getting Help (Visual C# Express)

Describes how to find Help documentation for Visual C# Express Edition.

Visual C# Express Shortcut Keys

Provides keyboard shortcuts so that you don't have to use a mouse.

Visual C# Express Tips and Tricks

Provides hints for making Visual C# Express Edition even more efficient and comfortable for you to use.

Visual C# Express

Provides links to topics that show you how to use C# to quickly create applications.

Getting Started with Visual C# Express

Everything you may want to start: a one minute tutorial, comparisons between C# and other languages, and a list of Visual C# Express Edition features.

C# Language Primer

A series of topics that introduces the Visual C# language.

C# Reference

Comprehensive C# reference and glossary material.

C# Programming Guide

Usage information about all aspects of the C# language.

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