SalesQuotationTableForm_DlvSchedule::closeOkServer Method [AX 2012]

Performs the business logic that is triggered by pressing the OK button on the delivery schedule form.

server public static void closeOkServer(
    SalesQuotationLine _callerSalesQuotationLine, 
    container _scheduleLines, 
    DlvScheduleMarkupConversionMode _dlvScheduleMarkupConversionMode)

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Type: SalesQuotationLine Table
The line for which the form was opened.
Type: container
A list of lines from the data source of the form.
Type: DlvScheduleMarkupConversionMode Enumeration
The mode of converting markup from order line to delivery lines.

This method creates the object of the class on the server based on the serialized data passed by the client and then calls the updateSalesQuotationLineTable method.