SalesQuotationCopying::promptConvertCurrencyCodeOnClient Method [AX 2012]

Checks if there are lines requiring currency conversion on destination record and prompts user about conversion details.

client public static container promptConvertCurrencyCodeOnClient(
    TmpFrmVirtual _tmpFrmVirtualHeader, 
    SalesQuotationTable _salesQuotationTable, 
    boolean _deleteLines, 
    boolean _copyMarkup)

Run On



Type: TmpFrmVirtual Table
The table with order headers to copy from.
Type: SalesQuotationTable Table
The destination record to copy to.
Type: boolean
A Boolean value determining whether existing order lines should be deleted.
Type: boolean
A Boolean value determining whether markup should be copied.

Return Value

Type: container
User response to the dialog, in a container with a Boolean value determining if currency should be converted and TradeCurencyConversion enum value about currency conversion type.