SalesPurchLine.refreshAgreementLink Method [AX 2012]

Refreshes the link between the AgreementLine and the SalesPurchLine. If the current link has become invalid, or if there is no current link, this will search for the best matching AgreementLineand possibly update the SalesPurchLine if a new match is found.

public boolean refreshAgreementLink(AgreementAutolinkHelper _helper, [boolean _showInfolog])

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Type: AgreementAutolinkHelper Interface
An implementation of the AgreementAutolinkHelper interface suitable for the concrete SalesPurchLine type.
Type: boolean
A flag that indicates whether to print the errors in the Infolog; optional.

Return Value

Type: boolean
false if the link could not be refreshed, which means the current link is invalid and no better match could be found; otherwise, true.