SalesInvoiceDP.insertInvoiceDetailsInformation Method [AX 2012]

Inserts invoice detail information.

public void insertInvoiceDetailsInformation(
    CustInvoiceJour _custInvoiceJour, 
    CustInvoiceTrans _custInvoiceTrans, 
    CustPaymSchedLine _custPaymSchedLine, 
    CustTrans _prepaymentCustTrans, 
    TaxTrans _prepaymentTaxTrans)

Run On



Type: CustInvoiceJour Table
A CustInvoiceJour record that has the invoice header information.
Type: CustInvoiceTrans Table
A CustInvoiceTrans record that has the invoice details information.
Type: CustPaymSchedLine Table
A CustPaymSchedLine record that has the payment schedule information.
Type: CustTrans Table
A CustTrans record that has the prepayment information.
Type: TaxTrans Table

This method will insert the invoice details information. It should be overridden in the sub classes to insert the data into the right temporary tables.