SalesFormletterParmDataPackingslip.createParmLineFromWHSLoadLine Method [AX 2012]

Selects SalesLine records for update based on entries in the load.

protected boolean createParmLineFromWHSLoadLine(
    SalesLine _salesLine, 
    InventQty _qtyDeliver, 
    TradeLineRefId _tableRef, 
    WHSLoadLine _whsLoadLine)

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Type: SalesLine Table
A SalesLine table buffer.
Type: InventQty Extended Data Type
An InventQty extended data type.
Type: TradeLineRefId Extended Data Type
A TradeLineRefId extended data type.
Type: WHSLoadLine Table
A WHSLoadLine table buffer.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if lines are successfully inserted into the SalesParmLine table; otherwise, false