SalesFormLetterContract.parmMCRPickWaveReference Method [AX 2012]

Sets or returns the variable MCRPickWaveReference to the pickwave that is being processed.

public MCRPickingWave parmMCRPickWaveReference([MCRPickingWave _mcrPickWaveReference])

Run On



Type: MCRPickingWave Extended Data Type
The MCRPickingWaveReference vairal to be set or returned; optional.

Return Value

Type: MCRPickingWave Extended Data Type
The newly set MCRPickingWave variable.

Only used when SalesFormLetter is called by the picking workbench.

This field will be used to decide flow for orders that are picked using workbench, such as progress bar being displayed during posting, selecting only lines needed for the wave, and updating the correct quantity to pick.