SalesConfirmDatesUIStrategy Class [AX 2012]

The SalesConfirmDatesUIStrategy class implements logic to set confirmed dates for a SalesDeliveryDateControlMap map.

class SalesConfirmDatesUIStrategy extends SalesConfirmDatesStrategy

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Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif calculateConfirmedDates Indicates the earliest possible ship and receipt dates. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif cancelTimeOut Cancels a previous method call to the setTimeOut method. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif canSetConfirmedDates Indicates whether confirmed dates can be set. (Overrides the canSetConfirmedDates Method.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif createReqCalcExplode Creates a new instance of the ReqCalcExplode class. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif deliveryDateControlType Retrieves the date delivery control type that applies. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif equal Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current one. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif getTimeOutTimerHandle Returns the timer handle for the object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif handle Retrieves the handle of the class of the object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif handleConflict Implements logic to handle a conflict that involves confirmed dates. (Overrides the handleConflict Method.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif haveConflict Validates the confirmed dates and indicates whether a conflict exists. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif init Initializes the internal variables. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif kanbanRuleWithCTPApplies Indicates whether a kanban rule applies for the specified SalesDeliveryDateControlMap map.
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif mustSetConfirmedDates Indicates whether the confirmed dates must be set. (Overrides the mustSetConfirmedDates Method.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif new Initializes a new instance of the Object class. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif notify Releases the hold on an object that has called the wait method on this object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif notifyAll Releases a lock on the object that was issued by the wait method on this object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif objectOnServer Determines whether the object is on a server. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif owner Returns the instance that owns the object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif resetCachedVariables Resets cached variables. (Overrides the resetCachedVariables Method.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif run Implements main logic for setting confirmed dates. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif runReqCalcExplode Runs a master scheduling when it is required. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.protmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif setConfirmedDates Updates the current SalesDeliveryDateControlMap map by using the new confirmed dates. (Inherited from SalesConfirmDatesStrategy.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif setTimeOut Sets up the scheduled execution of a specified method. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif toString Returns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif usageCount Returns the current number of references, that is, the value of the reference counter, that the object has. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif wait Pauses a process. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif xml Returns an XML string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Gg778776.pubmethod(en-us,AX.60).gif Gg778776.static(en-us,AX.60).gif ::construct Initializes a new instance of the SalesConfirmDatesUIStrategy class.

This class can open a dialog in order to let the user pick specific confirmed dates.

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