SalesCalcAvailableDlvDates::initDateFieldsForSalesCalc Method [AX 2012]

Initiates the Requested ship date, Requested receipt date, Confirmed ship date, and Confirmed receipt date fields based on the specified calculation class instance.

server private static void initDateFieldsForSalesCalc(
    Common _record, 
    SalesCalcAvailableDlvDates _salesCalcAvailableDlvDates, 
    boolean _considerBufferCommitedStatus)

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Type: Common Table
The record that contains the date fields to be initiated.
Type: SalesCalcAvailableDlvDates Class
The instance of the SalesCalcAvailableDlvDates class to use in calculations.
Type: boolean
A boolean value indicating whether to consider the commited status of the buffer upon the initialization of the dates.