SalesCalcAvailableDlvDates.calcBackward Method [AX 2012]

Calculates the first available receipt date backward from _fromDate. Then, the ship date is calculated based on the first available receipt date.

protected container calcBackward(
    FromDate _fromDate, 
    WorkCalendarSched _workCalendarSched, 
    CalendarId _shippingCalendarId, 
    CustVendTransportCalendarId _transportCalendarId, 
    CustVendTransportDays _transportDays)

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Type: FromDate Extended Data Type
The starting date for the calculation.
Type: WorkCalendarSched Class
Class object for class WorkCalendarSched.
Type: CalendarId Extended Data Type
Shipping calendar.
Type: CustVendTransportCalendarId Extended Data Type
Transport calendar.
Type: CustVendTransportDays Extended Data Type
Number of transport days.

Return Value

Type: container
Container: Available ship date and available receipt date.