SalesATPCalculationShelfLife.processPlannedSupply Method [AX 2012]

Iterates through all the planned supply transactions that can affect the ATP calculation.

protected void processPlannedSupply(
    SalesTmpATP _salesTmpATP, 
    ItemId _itemId, 
    ReqPlanVersionRefRecId _reqPlanVersionRefRecId, 
    date _atpEndDate, 
    date _plannedSupplyStartDate, 
    date _atpDateForPastSupply, 
    InventTransOriginId _inventTransOriginId, 
    InventDim _inventDimCriteria, 
    InventDimParm _inventDimParm)

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Type: SalesTmpATP Table
A SalesTmpATP table buffer.
Type: ItemId Extended Data Type
An item ID.
Type: ReqPlanVersionRefRecId Extended Data Type
A master plan ID.
Type: date
The last date of the ATP calculation.
Type: date
The first date of planned supply consideration.
Type: date
The expected date of overdue supply.
Type: InventTransOriginId Extended Data Type
An inventory transaction originator ID.
Type: InventDim Table
An InventDim table buffer that specifies inventory dimension values for the filter criteria.
Type: InventDimParm Table
An InventDimParm table buffer that specifies which inventory dimensions are used in the filter criteria.