XFORM Structure


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The XFORM structure has the following form:

typedef struct  tagXFORM {  /* xfrm */  
    FLOAT eM11;  
    FLOAT eM12;  
    FLOAT eM21;  
    FLOAT eM22;  
    FLOAT eDx;  
    FLOAT eDy;  
} XFORM;  

The XFORM structure specifies a world-space to page-space transformation. The eDx and eDy members specify the horizontal and vertical translation components, respectively. The following table shows how the other members are used, depending on the operation:

RotationCosine of rotation angleSine of rotation angleNegative sine of rotation angleCosine of rotation angle
ScalingHorizontal scaling componentNothingNothingVertical scaling component
ShearNothingHorizontal proportionality constantVertical proportionality constantNothing
ReflectionHorizontal reflection componentNothingNothingVertical reflection component

Header: wingdi.h

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