This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ATL Attributes Samples

Visual Studio 2008

The following topics are the abstracts for the ATL attributes samples.

ASYNC Attributes Sample: Downloads Data Asynchronously

Downloads data asynchronously from a URL with attributes.

ATLAgent Attributes Sample: Uses CCommand and CAccessor to Read Information from a Database

Demonstrates using CCommand and CAccessor to read information from a database, and demonstrates using the compiler COM support to control the Microsoft Agent control.

ATLBUTTON Attributes Sample: Demonstrates a Button with Bitmaps for Different States

Creates a button that displays itself with three different bitmaps depending on its state.

ATLCON Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Creating a Simple Container

Demonstrates a simple control container with attributes.

ATLDuck Attributes Sample: Uses Connection Points with ATL

Demonstrates using connection points with ATL controls and attributes.

ATLFire Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Building a Windowed Control

Demonstrates how to build a windowed control using ATL and attributes.

ATLMovie Attributes Sample: Uses Compiler COM Support and Active Movie Interfaces in an ATL Control

Demonstrates using compiler COM support and the Active Movie interfaces to play a movie in an ATL control.

ATLTangram Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Managing Large Projects That Use ATL, MFC, and COM

Demonstrates managing a large ATL project with multiple project dependencies in the IDE and with attributes. Also demonstrates some basic COM concepts.

AutoThread Attributes Sample: Demonstrates the Use of CAtlAutoThreadModule

Demonstrates using CComAutoThreadModule Class with attributes.

BEEPER Attributes Sample: Demonstrates a Tearoff Interface

Implements a tearoff interface — a collection/enumeration of BSTRs with attributes.

CDINFO Attributes Sample: Plays and Displays Information About CD Audio Tracks

Plays CD audio tracks and displays information about the tracks in tooltips and a piechart display.

CIRC Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Using Property Pages

Creates a control with attributes that demonstrates property pages and draws a circle.

CIRCCOLL Attributes Sample: Demonstrates a Collection/Enumeration

Implements a collection/enumeration of objects using ATL with attributes and the Standard C++ Library.

COMMAP Attributes Sample: Demonstrates COM Interface Map Entry Macros

Shows how different COM interface map entry macros are used.

CONNECT Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Implementation and Use of Connection Points

Illustrates the implementation and use of connection points (the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces) in a multithreaded environment.

DIRECT3D Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Using Direct3D

Creates a control that draws a spinning triangle using the Direct3D graphics library and attributes.

DispSink Attributes Sample: Handles Events Fired from a Singleton COM Server Through a Dispatch Interface

Demonstrates using a connection point on dispatch interfaces with attributes.

LABRADOR Attributes Sample: Implements a Server with No User Interface

Implements an EXE server that does not have any user interface.

MultiRead Attributes Sample: Reads Database Table Using Multiple Threads

Reads through a table in a database using multiple threads.

OPENGL Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Using OpenGL

Creates a control that draws a spinning cube using the OpenGL graphics library and attributes.

POLYGON Attributes Sample: Demonstrates Custom Properties, Events, a Property Page, and Object Safety

The project files for the ATL Tutorial. Builds a control that implements custom properties, events, property pages, and object safety with ATL and attributes.

SUBEDIT Attributes Sample: Superclasses a Standard Windows Control

Creates a superclassed Windows control with attributes.

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