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time_base Class

The class serves as a base class for facets of template class time_get, defining just the enumerated type dateorder and several constants of this type.

class time_base : public locale::facet {
    enum dateorder {no_order, dmy, mdy, ymd, ydm};
        size_t _Refs = 0

Each constant characterizes a different way to order the components of a date. The constants are:

  • no_order specifies no particular order.

  • dmy specifies the order day, month, then year, as in 2 December 1979.

  • mdy specifies the order month, day, then year, as in December 2, 1979.

  • ymd specifies the order year, month, then day, as in 1979/12/2.

  • ydm specifies the order year, day, then month, as in 1979: 2 Dec.

Header: <locale>

Namespace: std

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