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MSDN Library

WshNetwork Object

Provides access to the shared resources on the network to which your computer is connected.

Wsh Network Object graphic

You create a WshNetwork object when you want to connect to network shares and network printers, disconnect from network shares and network printers, map or remove network shares, or access information about a user on the network.

The following example demonstrates displaying the domain name, computer name, and user name for the current computer system using the WshNetwork object.

   <job id="vbs">
      <script language="VBScript">
         Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
         WScript.Echo "Domain = " & WshNetwork.UserDomain
         WScript.Echo "Computer Name = " & WshNetwork.ComputerName
         WScript.Echo "User Name = " & WshNetwork.UserName

   <job id="js">
      <script language="JScript">
         var WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network");
         WScript.Echo("Domain = " + WshNetwork.UserDomain);
         WScript.Echo("Computer Name = " + WshNetwork.ComputerName);
         WScript.Echo("User Name = " + WshNetwork.UserName);

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