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Find Symbol Results Window

The Find Symbol Results window lists search results for the Find Symbol tab of the Find and Replace window, the Find All References shortcut menu command in the Object Browser, Class View, or the Code Editor. To redisplay this window after closing it, select Other Windows on the View menu and choose Find Symbol Results.

The name of each symbol found is listed. When source code for the item found is available, the source file and line number of its definition are also listed. For example, a search for MyObject might display the following result:

MyObject - C:\Visual Studio Projects\Project1\MyObject.cpp(29)


The Find Symbol Results window displays results from the components in the browsing scope at the time of the search. These results are not automatically updated when you change the search folders. To update the results displayed, run the search again.

To jump to the definition of the symbol, double-click a result or select it and choose Go to Definition from its shortcut menu. Select Browse Definition to view external components in the Object Browser. If your code refers to the symbol, you can expand the result node, select a reference, and choose Go to Reference to view the code.

Right-click any result in the Find Symbol Results window to display a shortcut menu that includes one or more of the following commands:

Go to Definition

Takes you to the definition of the symbol in your code if one is available. The default shortcut key is F12.

Go to Declaration

Takes you to the declaration of the symbol in your code, if one is available. This is available only for symbols in Visual C++ projects. The default shortcut key is CTRL+F12.

Go to Reference

When there are multiple references to the symbol in your code, you can expand the result node, select any reference, and choose this command to jump to the line where it occurs. The default shortcut key is SHIFT+F12.

Browse Definition

Takes you to the primary node (typically top level) for the symbol in the Object Browser. Useful for viewing external components.


Allows you to copy the fully qualified name for the selected symbol to the clipboard. You can then paste the code as text into the Code Editor.

Clear All

Clears the Find Symbol Results window.

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