This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Find Symbol Results Window

The Find Symbol Results window displays a summary of the results for searches performed in the Find Symbol dialog box. You can view this window by pressing CTRL+ALT+F12, or by selecting the Find Symbol Results command on the Other Windows submenu on the View menu.

For each result, you may see:

  • The name of the symbol.
  • The source file containing the symbol and the line number within it. (Displays only when the source code for the symbol is available.)

For example, a search for MyObject might display the following results:

  MyObject - C:\Visual Studio Projects\Project1\MyObject.cpp(29)
Note   The Find Symbol results are based on the current browsing scope. The results, however, are not automatically updated if the scope is changed. In that case, you must manually re-execute the search.

You can navigate to the symbol in code by either double-clicking the result or by choosing Goto Definition from its context menu. For external components, you can browse to their definition in the Object Browser from here as well. If references are available for symbol, you can expand the node to see its uses in code.

Right-clicking a result in the Find Symbol Results window displays a context menu that contains one or more of the following commands:

  • Go To Definition — Takes you to the definition of the symbol in the code if available. The shortcut key is F12.
  • Go To Declaration — Takes you to the declaration of the symbol in the code, if available. This is available only for symbols in Visual C++ projects. The shortcut key is CTRL+F12.
  • Go To Reference — If references are available for the symbol, you can expand the result node to see its uses in code and navigate to them by selecting this command. The shortcut key is SHIFT+F12.
  • Browse Definition — Takes you to the primary node (typically top level) for the symbol in the Object Browser.
  • Copy — Allows you to copy the selected symbol to the clipboard. You can paste this as text to an editor window.
  • Clear All — Clears the Find Symbol Results window.

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