CComSimpleThreadAllocator Class


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This class manages thread selection for the class CComAutoThreadModule.

class CComSimpleThreadAllocator

Public Methods

CComSimpleThreadAllocator::GetThreadSelects a thread.

CComSimpleThreadAllocator manages thread selection for CComAutoThreadModule. CComSimpleThreadAllocator::GetThread simply cycles through each thread and returns the next one in the sequence.

Header: atlbase.h

Selects a thread by specifying the next thread in the sequence.

int GetThread(CComApartment* /* pApt */, int nThreads);


Not used in ATL's default implementation.

The maximum number of threads in the EXE module.

Return Value

An integer between zero and ( nThreads – 1). Identifies one of the threads in the EXE module.


You can override GetThread to provide a different method of selection or to make use of the pApt parameter.

GetThread is called by CComAutoThreadModule::CreateInstance.

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