This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual J# Application Deployment

Visual Studio 2005

Applications created using Visual J# rely on the Visual J# CodeDOM and Visual J# compiler for dynamic code generation and compilation on the server. You need to have redistributable components of Visual J#—that is, Visual J# class libraries, the Visual J# compiler, and the Visual J# CodeDOM—installed on the server where you will deploy the XML Web service or Web Forms application. Use the Visual J# Redistributable Package to distribute redistributable components of Visual J#. Other aspects of deployment are the same as for any other ASP.NET application.

For more information, see Windows Installer Deployment Walkthroughs.


All deployment walkthroughs apply to Visual J#. However, Visual J# components require additional redistributable components, supplied with the Visual J# Redistributable Package.

In This Section

Visual J# Launch Condition

Describes how to ensure that Visual J# redistributable components are installed on a target computer.

Distribution of the Visual J# Redistributable Package

Describes the contents of the Visual J# Redistributable Package.

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