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Setting Up SQL Debugging

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This document describes how to set up SQL debugging. The procedures that are described here need be done only one time, with a few exceptions that will be described. There are additional enabling procedures that are required when you create a Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server project type, and every time that you create a database connection. For more information, see: How to: Enable SQL Server 2005 Debugging, How to: Enable SQL Debugging For a Project, and How to: Enable CLR Debugging For a Connection.

SQL Debugging Software Requirements

Lists the software requirements for SQL debugging.

Enabling SQL Debugging

Provides high-level instructions for enabling SQL debugging. This includes, running Remote Components Setup, which will install SQL debugging components on the server, and setting up SQL Server permissions for debugging.

Setting SQL Server Permissions for Debugging

Provides instructions on giving debugging access to SQL Server users.

Installing a New Version of SQL Server After Enabling SQL Debugging

Recommends that you set up remote debugging again if you have installed a new version of SQL Server after enabling SQL debugging.

SQL Debugging Setup Errors and Troubleshooting

Lists issues you may encounter when you set up SQL debugging and solutions to those problems.

Remote T-SQL Debugging on Windows Vista

Explains some Windows Firewall configuration steps that occur the first time that you begin remote T-SQL debugging.

Debug Settings and Preparation

Covers the settings and preparation that you must perform to debug your program with the Visual Studio debugger.

Debugging SQL

Provides information about debugging SQL Server stored procedures, functions, and triggers.