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Expression Evaluator Error CXX0036


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bad context {...} specification

This message can be generated by any of several errors in the use of the context operator ({}).

  • The syntax of the context operator ({}) was given incorrectly.

    The syntax of the context operator is:


    This specifies the context of expression. The context operator has the same precedence and usage as a type cast.

    Trailing commas can be omitted. If any of function, module, or dll contains a literal comma, you must enclose the entire name in parentheses.

  • The function name was spelled incorrectly, or does not exist in the specified module or dynamic-link library.

    Because C is a case-sensitive language, function must be given in the exact case as it is defined in the source.

  • The module or DLL could not be found.

    Check the full path name of the specified module or DLL.

This error is identical to CAN0036.