Creating Templates
The document is archived and information here might be outdated

Creating Project and Item Templates

You can create custom project templates and project item templates and have these templates appear in the New Project and Add New Item dialog boxes.

Creating Project Templates

Contains links to topics explaining how to create project templates.

Creating Item Templates

Contains links to topics explaining how to create item templates.

How to: Add References to Templates

Explains how to add references to project and item templates.

How to: Manually Create Web Templates

Explains how to create Web templates.

How to: Locate and Organize Project and Item Templates

Explains the folders that Visual Studio examines when looking for templates.

Visual Studio Templates

Provides an overview of the project and item template architecture and implementation.

Starter Kits

Contains topics that describe Starter Kits.

Visual Studio Template Schema Reference

Describes all elements of the Visual Studio template XML schema.

Introduction to Visual Studio Templates

Describes Visual Studio templates and what they contain, and provides an introduction to Starter Kits.

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