This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Cleans and then builds the specified solution configuration.

devenv /rebuild ConfigName [/project ProjName] [/projectconfig ConfigName] SolutionName


Required. The solution configuration name.
Required. The path and name of the solution file (.sln). If you want to rebuild a single project configuration, use the /project ProjName argument to specify which project to build.
/project ProjName
Optional. The path to the project file, a relative path to a project file from the directory containing the .sln file, or the display name for the project, if unique. Use this argument to rebuild a single project within a solution.
/projectconfig ConfigName
Optional. The name of the build configuration.


Summary information for clean and builds, including errors, appear in the Command Prompt window, the Solution Builder view of the Output window, and any .log file specified by the /out argument.


This example cleans and rebuilds the solution MySolution with the debug configuration.

devenv /rebuild debug "c:\visual studio projects\MySolution.sln"

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