This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

moveNext Method 

Moves the current item to the next item in the Enumerator object.

function moveNext()

If the enumerator is at the end of the collection or the collection is empty, the current item is set to undefined.

In following example, the moveNext method is used to move to the next drive in the Drives collection:

function ShowDriveList(){
   var fso, s, n, e, x;                 //Declare variables.
   fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
   e = new Enumerator(fso.Drives);      //Create Enumerator object.
   s = "";                              //Initialize s.
   for (; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext())
      x = e.item();
      s = s + x.DriveLetter;            //Add drive letter
      s += " - ";                       //Add "-" character.
      if (x.DriveType == 3)
         n = x.ShareName;               //Add share name.
      else if (x.IsReady)
         n = x.VolumeName;              //Add volume name.
         n = "[Drive not ready]";       //Indicate drive not ready.
      s +=   n + "\n";
   return(s);                           //Return drive status.