Compiler Error CS0447
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Error CS0447

Attributes cannot be used on type arguments, only on type parameters

This error occurs when you apply an attribute to a type argument that occurs in an invocation statement. It is acceptable to apply an attribute to a type parameter in a class or method declaration statement such as the following:

class C<[some attribute] T> {…}

The following line of code will generate this error. It is assumed that the class C, defined in the previous line of code, has a static method called MyStaticMethod.

C<[some attribute] T>.MyStaticMethod();

The following code generates error CS0447.

// CS0447.cs
using System;
namespace Test41
    public interface I<A> 
        void Meth<B>();
    public class B : I<int> 
        void I<[Test] int>.Meth<X>() { }  // CS0447
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