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Text Manipulation Shortcut Keys, Visual C++ 6.0 Default Shortcut Option

Text Manipulation Shortcut Keys, Visual C++ 6.0 Default Shortcut Option

Use the following shortcut key combinations in text editors to delete, move, and format text in an open document.

Note   To see a list of shortcut keys that have changed or are no longer supported in Visual C++ .NET, see Obsolete Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands and Changes to Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands.
Command name Shortcut keys Description
Edit.BreakLine ENTER
Inserts a new line.
Edit.CharTranspose CTRL + T Swaps the characters on either side of the insertion point. For example, AC|BD becomes AB|CD. Available only in text editors.
Edit.ClearBookmarks CTRL + SHIFT + F2
Removes all unnamed bookmarks in the current document.
Edit.CollapsetoDefinitions CTRL + M, CTRL + O Automatically determines logical boundaries for creating regions in code, such as procedures, and then hides them.
Edit.CommentSelection CTRL + K, CTRL + C Marks the current line of code as a comment, using the correct comment syntax for the programming language.
Edit.CompleteWord CTRL + SPACE
Displays Word Completion based on the current language.
Edit.Delete DELETE Deletes one character to the right of the cursor.
Edit.DeleteBackwards BACKSPACE
Deletes one character to the left of the cursor.
Edit.DeleteHorizontalWhiteSpace CTRL + K, CTRL + \ Collapses white space in the selection, or deletes white space adjacent to the cursor if no selection.
Edit.FormatDocument CTRL + K, CTRL + D Applies the indenting and space formatting for the language as specified on the Formatting pane of the language in the Text Editor section of the Options dialog box.
Edit.FormatSelection ALT + F8
Correctly indents the selected lines of code based on the surrounding lines of code.
Edit.HideSelection CTRL + M, CTRL + H Hides the selected text. A signal icon marks the location of the hidden text in the file.
Edit.InsertTab TAB Indents the line of text a specified number of spaces, such as five.
Edit.LineCut CTRL + L
Cuts all selected lines, or the current line if nothing has been selected, to the clipboard.
Edit.LineDelete CTRL + SHIFT + L Deletes all selected lines, or the current line if no selection has been made.
Edit.LineOpenAbove CTRL + ENTER Inserts a blank line above the insertion point.
Edit.LineOpenBelow CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER Inserts a blank line below the insertion point.
Edit.LineTranspose SHIFT + ALT + T Moves the line containing the insertion point below the next line.
Edit.MakeLowercase CTRL + U Changes the selected text to lowercase characters.
Edit.MakeUppercase CTRL + SHIFT + U Changes the selected text to uppercase characters.
Edit.OvertypeMode INSERT Toggles between insert and overtype insertion modes. Available only when working in text editors.
Edit.StopHidingCurrent CTRL + M, CTRL + U Removes the outlining information for the currently selected region.
Edit.StopOutlining CTRL + M, CTRL + P Removes all outlining information from the entire document.
Edit.SwapAnchor CTRL + R, CTRL + P Swaps the anchor and end points of the current selection.
Edit.TabLeft SHIFT + TAB Moves selected lines to the left one tab stop.
Edit.ToggleAllOutlining CTRL + M, CTRL + L Toggles all previously marked hidden text sections between hidden and display states.
Edit.ToggleBookmark CTRL + F2
Sets or removes a bookmark at the current line.
Edit.ToggleOutliningExpansion CTRL + M, CTRL + M Toggles the currently selected hidden text section between the hidden and display state.
Edit.ToggleTaskListShortcut CTRL + K, CTRL + H Sets or removes a shortcut at the current line.
Edit.ToggleWordWrap CTRL + R, CTRL + R Enables or disables word wrap in an editor.
Edit.UncommentSelection CTRL + K, CTRL + U Removes the comment syntax from the current line of code.
Edit.ViewWhiteSpace CTRL + SHIFT + 8
Shows or hides spaces and tab marks.
Edit.WordDeleteToEnd CTRL + DELETE Deletes the word to the right of the insertion point.
Edit.WordDeleteToStart CTRL + BACKSPACE Deletes the word to the left of the insertion point.
Edit.WordTranspose CTRL + SHIFT + T Transposes the words on either side of the insertion point. For example, main int would be changed to read int main.

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