RunBaseReport.initReportRun Method [AX 2012]

Puts a SysReportRun class into the RunBaseReport class.

public void initReportRun(SysReportRun _reportRun)

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Type: SysReportRun Class
An instantiated SysReportRun class.

This method should not usually be used. Instead, use the initParmDefault method. The _reportRun parameter must be a SysReportRun or an object that inherits from that. In earlier versions, _reportRun could be a ReportRun but that has been changed in Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 (formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta 3.0).

static void Job1(Args _args) 
    RunBaseReport myRunbaseReport; 
    SysReportRun reportRun; 
    reportRun = Classfactory.reportRunClass(_args);