RunBase.pack Method [AX 2012]

Serializes the current instance of the RunBase class.

public container pack()

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Return Value

Type: container
A container that contains the current instance of the RunBase class.

All variables that you must have to re-instantiate the class after constructing it must be packed.

Typically, a macro that is declared in the classDeclaration is used to list the variables to pack. Another macro holds a version number. This number refers to the version of the variable list.

When a new variable is introduced you should typically do the following:

  1. Increment the version number in the version macro.

  2. Copy the current list to the unpack method (see the description there).

  3. Add the new variable to the bottom of the list.

  4. Recompile the class.

When the isSwappingPrompt method returns true, you may have to pack some prompt-related variables also.