RTax25StdChannel_Register::construct Method [AX 2012]

Initializes a new instance of the RTax25StdChannel_Register class.

server public static RTax25StdChannel_Register construct()

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Return Value

Type: RTax25StdChannel_Register Class
A new instance of the RTax25StdChannel_Register class.

Use the following procedure to customize or extend the RTax25StdChannel_Register class.

  1. Create a new class that derives from RTax25StdChannel_Register.

  2. Overlayer the construct method on RTax25StdChannel_Register so that it returns an instance of the derived class.

  3. Override the methods from the RTax25StdChannel_Register class that you want to customize or extend in your derived class.

This procedure helps to ensure that your customizations are maintained if the base version of the RTax25StdChannel_Register class is changed, minimizing code conflicts during an upgrade. For more information, see [Best Practices for Static Construct Methods].