RPayTaxImposeFunc.calcDeductionOther Method [AX 2012]

Calculates other deductions.

protected RPayAmount calcDeductionOther(
    RPayTaxEmplDeduction _taxEmplDeduction, 
    RpayTaxIncomeCode _incomeCode, 
    RPayAmount _incomeCurPeriodAmount, 
   [RHRMFamilyRecId _familyRecId])

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Type: RPayTaxEmplDeduction Class
The RPayTaxEmplDeduction class instance.
Type: RpayTaxIncomeCode Extended Data Type
The income code.
Type: RPayAmount Extended Data Type
The current period amount.
Type: RHRMFamilyRecId Extended Data Type
The relative table record reference.

Return Value

Type: RPayAmount Extended Data Type
The deduction amount.