RPayCalcYearsForAverage::construct Method [AX 2012]

Creates a new instance of RPayCalcYearsForAverage class.

server public static RPayCalcYearsForAverage construct(
    RHRMEmplId _emplId, 
    Counter _yearsToCalc, 
    ReportPeriod_RU _currentPeriod, 
   [boolean _recalcByPrevYears, 
    boolean _exclDaysApplicable, 
    boolean _onlyCurrentEmployer])

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Type: RHRMEmplId Extended Data Type
The code of employee.
Type: Counter Extended Data Type
The number of years to calculate.
Type: ReportPeriod_RU Extended Data Type
The current period.
Type: boolean
if true then some years could be replaced by another.
Type: boolean
If true then the excluded days decrease days.
Type: boolean
If true then calculation is performing for current employer.

Return Value

Type: RPayCalcYearsForAverage Class
The instance of RPayCalcYearsForAverage class.